Ami's Pet Rescue, founded in 2019, is a 501c3 non profit rescue organization, that focuses on saving the dogs of Bosnia and Herzegovina and giving them a opportunity at a life outside of Bosnia.


Our founders, Amanda & Ali Imsirovic, originally came to the United States from Bosnia and Herzegovina with their parents in 1999. Moving to the US from a war torn country they were given a chance at a new life and a bright future. When Amanda went to visit Bosnia in her 20's she noticed just how bad the issue is and how mistreated the dogs walking the streets of Bosnia were. While in Bosnia she tried to save as many dogs as she could, but when she would return home to Seattle, Washington, those dogs were back on the streets. Ali and Amanda made it their mission to do something about this and to make a change. Ami's Pet Rescue was founded. 


This problem started in the '90s and has multiplied drastically. For almost 30 years these dogs have been neglected and abused. Since there is no enforcement about neutering and spaying, the number of unwanted dogs has reached over 300,000. Bosnia is a very small country, anywhere you go you will see many dogs wondering and looking for food. In Bosnia dogs are beaten, shot, poisoned, kicked and run over. Rescue groups that we are so lucky to have in the US, don't exist in Bosnia. 

There is no one to protect the unwanted dogs of Bosnia. Ami's Pet Rescue wants to be their voice.